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For one the fact it is still relatively cheap to maintain, a lot can be done in any garage. As...plus
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For one the fact it is still relatively cheap to maintain, a lot can be done in any garage. As flying clubs gotten more and more problems with regulations and ensurance this is a key factor. But it is also rugged, easy to fix and small enough to get into very small spaces. That would make it a brilliant bush aircraft, but not until high powered engines were used did the Super Cub really became the bush aircraft it now is.

Our model is based on a cabin of a Finnish aircraft and we only modernised some of the instruments a bit. It now has limited IFR and night capabilities with VOR navigation and lighting. Delivered in 5 models, Standard Wheels, Tundra Wheels, Full Floats, Amphibian and Ski/wheel, with three engine types, Lycoming 0-290-D2, 0-320-AC3 and 0-320-D2C you will be able to fly the aircraft in all its variety.

Made internally by a crack team of designers, this Super Cub has been designed for a wide range of users. Easy enough for pilots with not too many hours and for the seasoned pilots it has enough features to keep them busy for a long time. It's a high end product that will not demand hours of study. The Super Cub was designed to be easy to fly and our model takes this along to FS. We made it to be fun to fly. If you never used an addon aircraft before THIS is the one to start with.

Special Features

This aircraft has some features not seen before in FS2004:
  • Actually uses oil and you HAVE to check the oil level every few hours otherwise you will be in for a very nasty surprise. Checking the oil is easy but highly realistic. Just open the engine cover and pull out the dipstick. The oil level is stored between sessions.
  • The magnetic compass has serious problems with deviation as any compass mounted in that location would have. You have to use the deviation card to get the accurate reading.
  • The gyro compass has to be set by the user, it is not automatically correct as it is most FS aircraft. But... remember the mangetic compass needs to be corrected with the deviation!
  • The RPM gauge will count your hours of operation and store the values between sessions.
  • When you click on the center of each gauge it will be zoomed to its native 512 resolution, as if you lean forwards to look at an instrument from close up.
  • The Narco Avionics set (transeiver, transponder and VOR navigation receiver, simple but reliable and 100% accurate.
  • The complete electrics system works as it should, from the battery switch to the circuit breakers.
  • Highly optimized so extremely light on frame rates as is needed to fly it into the detailed bush scenery available now.
  • Small details like the water rudder control cables are actually working. Even the cable used to release the water rudder is animated and can be clicked in VC mode.
  • - Dual parking brake system.


  • 25 liveries (with an additional set already available);
  • THIRTEEN main models, ski (2), wheels (2), tundra wheels (2), float (2), amphibian version;
  • Three different pilots;
  • Five different highly flyable flight dynamic files so all models fly different;
  • Three detailed Virtual Cockpits, fully usable, from startup to shutdown;
  • Fully simulated Narco avionics set, you can actually use the real manuals;
  • All instruments can be zoomed to full 512 pixel size, even in VC;
  • Fully immersive sound set done by professional sound studio (very 'throaty');
  • Extensive manual;
  • Automated update check from within FS;
  • Moderate download size.

Super Cub, standard wheels, 95hp
- Vaernes Flying Club, LN-ACH (Norway)
- RNoAF 838 (Norway)
Super Cub, standard wheels, 135hp, L-21 fuselage
- D-ECGH (German)
- Andreys Flying Club, G-OTAN (UK)
- Royal Netherlands Airforce, Historical Flight, R-177
Super Cub, standard wheels, 135hp
- EC-ALK (Spanish)
- 9A-DBS (Croatia)
- Aerosoft House Livery
- Luftsportverein Aachen e.V, D-EGCI (Germany)
- US Army, LN-RTH (USA)
- Royal Netherlands Airforce, 8A-30 (Netherlands)
- N17827 (Alaska, USA)
Super Cub, standard wheels, 135hp, simpel cockpit
- D-EDTE (Germany)
Super Cub, standard wheels, 150hp, L-21 fuselage
- IAF 109 (Israel)
Super Cub, standard wheels, 150hp
- AIM Aviation, 4X-AJZ (Israel)
Super Cub, amphibian, 160hp
- Como flying club, I-BUFF (Italy)
Super Cub, floater 150hp
- N8105Y (Alaska, USA)
- G-BWUB (Scotland)
- C-GJNB (Canada)
Super Cub, floater 150hp L-21 fuselage
- C-FWEK (Canada)
Super Cub, 135hp, ski
- N8172C (USA)
Super Cub, 135hp, ski/wheel
- HB-PIC (Switzerland)
Super Cub, 135hp, tundrawheels, L-21 fuselage
- N8086D (Alaska USA)
- N2355H (Alaska USA)
- N422KA (Alaska USA)

Mat‚riel Requis :
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
Windows XP
Processeur Pentium 1.5 Ghz
512 Mo M‚moire RAM
Carte graphique avec 128 Mo de m‚moire
Taille du t‚l‚chargement : 60 MB
Taille des fichiers d'installation : 160 MB

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