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  • AS13077
  • Aerosoft
  • Jo Erlend Sund
  • Deutsch / English
  • 1.04
Bergen X features a highly detailed recreation of Flesland Airport. The add-on is based on
Informations sur le produit "Bergen X"

Bergen X features a highly detailed recreation of Flesland Airport. The add-on is based on high resolution photos taken at the airport to create an absolute realistic and accurate description of the aerodrome and its atmosphere.

The scenery includes models of all the  airport buildings and facilities, taking advantage of texture baking to create realistic shadows on the models and ground.
Also included is the terminal interior, alive with passengers sitting and walking around, to create a more living atmosphere.

The scenery includes high resolution satellite imagery for the airport area and its immediate surroundings (approximately 30 square kilometers). High resolution textures are included as an option and can be enabled in the configuration tool.
The configuration tool also allows to optimize the scenery complexity, in this way you can customize the scenery to fit your needs and preferences.




  • Highly realistic recreation of Bergen Airport, Flesland (ENBR, BGO)
  • Fully compatible with FSX, FSX:SE and P3D V3 & V4
  • High detail models of all airport buildings and installations
  • Highly realistic taxiway and runway textures
  • Animated Jetways (SODE required)
  • Animated Deice service (SODE required)
  • Custom animated windsocks (SODE required)
  • SODE features can be activated or deactivated with included jetway tool
  • Realistic shadows on objects and ground
  • Realistic 3D grass and vegetation
  • Numerous custom made static objects
  • Includes highly detailed terminal Interior
  • Animated passengers walk around inside the Terminal
  • High resolution textures (2048px) included as an option
  • All seasons included
  • Realistic night time effects
  • Dynamic flood light effects (P3D V4 only)
  • Dynamic head lights on Deice trucks. (P3D V4 only)
  • Static aircrafts included as an option
  • Fully functional docking system (FSX & FSX: SE only)
  • Compatible with all major AI traffic packages
  • Includes Configuration Tool for optimal performance


Conclusion by
"Aerosoft have yet to let me down with their airport sceneries. Bergen X is certainly no exception and proves that Aerosoft really know what they’re doing. Norway was a region that has been neglected up until now and suddenly we’re spoilt for choice! Despite some issues which hampen the experience slightly, Bergen X is a solid purchase with a lot of options to keep systems across the board happy."

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Conclusion by (Aerosoft Sim News):
"While I was testing this scenery, I found it ideal for short-hop flights from Oslo. I had already purchased Oslo V.2 (also from Aerosoft), so I found it the obvious choice from which to fly test-flights. If you have only an hour or two in the day to get some practice, these two airports are ideal and complement each other very well they are from the same developer after all! Since there are real-life flights from these two airports, I found it perfect to do short-hops with the Aerosoft Airbus Extended, the PMDG 737-600/700 or the Majestic Q400. It’s a great excuse to practice the Dash 8 again as it’s only about an hour duration from Bergen to Oslo which is another great excuse to buy Bergen X. This was also the first time I did a turnaround with any flights, so with the PMDG 737 I was curious to see how it would work out. I need not have been worried. It was a nice experience to fly from west to east and back again. Norway has some splendid natural scenery and even the default scenery makes a welcome change to the generic central European scenery that I’m used to. There is some freeware Norwegian terrain available via this link ( but I haven’t tested it yet, and it would be interesting to see if it compliments Bergen and Oslo. Bergen really is lovely scenery to fly in and out of, especially in the morning or evening and especially with Prepar3D water settings, which take advantage of the DX11 rendering engine. It makes a nice addition to FSX/P3D no matter what type of aircraft you fly, you will not be disappointed with this purchase. The night-textures add to the experience and the scenery has some scenery aircraft such as SAS 737’s and Wideroe Q400’s, something you don’t see so much anymore with sceneries. I would have no hesitation in recommending this scenery, I would in particular, recommend this in tandem with Oslo V.2 which was reviewed only a short time ago."

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Minimal system requirements:
Microsoft Flight Simulator X (with SP1 & SP2 or Acceleration Pack), FSX: Steam Edition or Lockheed Martin - Prepar3D V3 & V4
Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
3.0 GHz Prozessor (Intel Core2Duo advised)
2 GB RAM (4 GB advised)
3D Graphics card with at least 512 MB (1024 MB advised)
.net Framework 3.5 or higher (using Aerosoft-Launcher)
Download-Size: 970 MB

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Version 1.04:

  • Angepasster Jetway-Anhebungsbereich
  • Ambient Okklusion auf Jetway Stützpfeiler entfernt
  • Angepasste AFCAD, um den Bereich ohne harte Oberfläche an beiden Landebahn Enden zu entfernen

Version 1.03:

  • Mit P3D V3 & V4 kompatibel 
  • Animierte Jetways hinzugefügt (SODE notwendig)
  • Enteisungsservice (deice service) hinzugefügt (SODE notwendig)
  • Benutzerdefinierte Windsäcke (SODE notwendig)
  • SODE Features können mit enthaltenem Jetway-Tool aktiviert/deaktivert werden
  • Dynamische Lichteffekte hinzugefügt (nur P3D V4)
  • Rotes Lichtsignal an Hochwassermasten hinzugefügt