Trondheim-Vaernes X V2.0

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  • AS14071
  • Aerosoft
  • Jo Erlend Sund
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  • 1.02
Trondheim-Værnes X V2.0 adds an up to date version of Norway’s fourth largest airport to
Informations sur le produit "Trondheim-Vaernes X V2.0"

Trondheim-Værnes X V2.0 adds an up to date version of Norway’s fourth largest airport to the FSX, FSX:SE and P3D. All terminal and airport buildings are included with very detailed models and photo-realistic textures including the terminal interior.

The airport and its surroundings is covered by an accurate terrain model and a scenery based on photographs. Seasonal textures help to create a real Norwegian atmosphere – during the winter, snow and ice effects as well as de-icing services add to that feeling.
The latter service is based on SODE, as are the animations for the jetways, boarding passengers and hangar doors.

As Norway is not only famous for its long winters but also for its long nights, Trondheim-Værnes X V2.0 includes realistic night time effects, custom runway and approach lighting and embedded Runway Guard Lights.

A scenery config tool is included as well, allowing you to configure all SODE features, texture resolutions and to adapt the scenery to your system.


  • Fully compatible with FSX, FSX: SE and P3D V3 & P3D V4
  • Includes a highly accurate recreation of Trondheim Airport, Værnes
  • Highly detailed models of airport terminal and buildings
  • Photo-realistic building and ground textures
  • Densely placed ground equipment and service vehicles
  • Highly detailed custom terrain model with taxiway bridges over roads and railroad
  • Terminal interior included
  • Photo-real scenery covering airport and vicinity
  • Landmark buildings and bridges in the vicinity of the airport included
  • Seasonal textures included
  • Winter ground model with highly realistic ice and snow effect
  • Custom runway and approach light effects
  • Highly realistic night time effects
  • Dynamic flood light effects (P3D V4 only)
  • Dynamic head lights on Deice trucks (P3D V4 only)
  • Vicinity animations (Train and custom road traffic)
  • Animated service vehicle traffic
  • Visual Guidance Docking System included (SODE required in P3D V3)
  • Animated jetways (SODE)
  • Animated passenger boarding at jetways (SODE)
  • Deice service available during winter season (SODE)
  • Animated Hangars doors (SODE)
  • Custom animated windsock (SODE)
  • Embedded runway guard lights (SODE)
  • SODE features can be disabled with included scenery Configuration Tool
  • Scenery Configuration Tool included to optimize performance on a wide range of systems
  • Different texture resolution sets included to optimize performance
  • Compatible with AI traffic packages
  • Static Aircraft included as an option


Conclusion by
"A lot of time has been spent on very nice details and touches and it pays off. For such a relatively small airport it feels really immersive and it looks really good. If you consider the price of this addon its a particularly good deal."

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System requirements:
Microsoft Flight Simulator X (with Service Pack 2 or Acceleration), FSX: Steam Edition or Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V3 & V4/V5
Windows  7 / 8 / 10
CPU with 2.8 GHz or faster (Dual Core CPU recommended)
2.5 GB free hard disk space (FSX-Version)
At least 1024 MB RAM
3D graphics card with at least 256 MB
Download-Size: 2.4 GB

Liens supplémentaires vers "Trondheim-Vaernes X V2.0"

Version 1.02:    

  • Verbessertes Starten der Flugzeuge, wenn zum Flughafen über das In-Game Menü gewechselt wird
  • Angepasster AFCAD Stadtname zu Trondheim
  • Optimierter SODE xml Platzierungscode
  • Angepasster P3D V4 Spotlight-Effekt, um ein wiederholtes Laden zu verhindern
  • Angepasster Infotext im Konfigurationstool

Version 1.01:    

  • FSX & FSX: SE Animationen korrigiert:
    • Statische Jetways Modelle und parkende Positionen korrigiert
    • P3D V4 verwendet SODE 1.5.1
    • FSX | FSX:SE | P3DV3 verwenden SODE 1.4.2

Version 1.00:   

  • Download Release:
    • Mit P3D V3 & V4 kompatibel
    • Dynamische Lichteffekte hinzugefügt (P3D V4)
    • Enteisungstrucks mit dynamischen Scheinwerfern aktualisiert (P3D V4)
    • Animerte Servicefahrzeuge mit dynamischen Lichtern aktualisiert (P3D V4)
    • Neues Tool hinzugefügt zum Aktivieren/Deaktivieren der dynamischen Beleuchtung in P3D V4
    • Angepasstes AFCAD (P3D V3 & V4)
    • Angepasste Glastransparenz-Texturen in P3D V4