ELITE Pilot Jet 8.6

ELITE Pilot Jet 8.6
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For years, professional pilots had no choice other than to maintain IFR proficiency in an...plus
Informations sur le produit "ELITE Pilot Jet 8.6"

For years, professional pilots had no choice other than to maintain IFR proficiency in an expensive full flight simulator. By introducing the world’s first professional PC-based airliner-class simulator, ELITE offers a completely new way to practice IFR procedures to keep skills sharp.

ELITE V8 Pilot Jet is used as an evaluation, instruction and training tool by, corporate flight departments, flight schools, regional and national carriers and universities. The built-in power is such that you can experience on your home computer a simulation performance that matches the actual aircraft.

After using the ELITE Pilot Jet V8 for a check-ride many student pilots have amazed their instructors with a superior score. You will be surprised when you compare the cost and training benefits of ELITE with devices costing thousands and even millions of dollars more. Add any aircraft to this package (see Aircraft extensions section for pricing).

Note: We recommend the use of a ELITE Power Quadrant (note: the ELITE Pilot software range is compatible only with the ELITE range of Power Quadrants)


* Worldwide navigational databases
* One GenView™ Visual Database
* Adjustable view instrument panel
* Downloadable METAR reports and real-time weather
* High-resolution, accurately detailed instrument panels
* Digital Flight Guidance System (DFGS)
* Flight Mode Annunciator (FMA)
* Cockpit voice warning annunciators
* Cross-bar or V-bar flight director
* Autothrottle, autoland, TOGA
* Programmable or spontaneous instrument, avionics and system failures
* Advanced Dynamic weather modeling
* Fully modifiable NAV Data
* Multi-monitor capability (instructor station)

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