GoFlght - ATC Headset Comms Panel (grey)

GF-ATC Headset Comms Panel (grey)
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Front panel connectors on the GF-ATC bring your computer's audio connections within easy reach,...plus
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Front panel connectors on the GF-ATC bring your computer's audio connections within easy reach, allowing for fast connection of your favorite headset and/or microphone. Interacting with air traffic controllers over the Internet, or with your sim program's built in ATC, is made more realistic using the GF-ATC's volume and squelch knobs, simulating a real world communications environment.

Analog filtering circuitry in the GF-ATC routes an "optimized for voice" signal to your headset, while passing the original audio through to your computer's speaker system.

Conveniently Powered from USB
All operating power for the GF-ATC module is supplied from a USB connection.

Enhanced ATC Communications in Microsoft Flight Sim 2002 and 2004. Responding to the menu-based air traffic control in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 and 2004 can be done using the GF-ATC's single rotary knob. An integrated push switch and single-digit LED display give sim pilots control over the ATC pop-up menu and all menu selections. Sim pilots will experience a new touch of realism while waiting for ATC at busy Flight Sim a irports.


To get the latest Config Software from Go Flight, please click here.

System requirements:
Microsoft Flight Simulator X/2004/2002
USB connection

Driver-Software download click here: http://www.goflightinc.com/downloads/11_02_06setup.exe

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