Airport London-Heathrow

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Airport London-Heathrow
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  • AS13535
  • Aerosoft
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  • 1.10
Find out what commercial aviation is all about by joining the traffic of the world´s
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Find out what commercial aviation is all about by joining the traffic of the world´s third busiest airport. The scenery covers around 42 square kilometers in total with fully detailed buildings at the airport, including the new T2 and T2B terminals. Fully customized high resolution aerial ground textures, detailed ground markings and the actual taxiway layout with new rapid runway exits and taxiway links make it a perfect rendition while use of LOD technique will give you the best possible performance.




  • Airport London Heathrow with near airport surrounding (about 42 square kilometers in total)
  • Fully detailed buildings at the airport
  • Safegate and other dockings at all gates (only with AutoGate)
  • Includes new T2 and T2B terminals
  • Pre-rendered self shadowing and raytraced night lighting
  • Fully customized high resolution aerial ground textures (about 30cm/pix) with custom detail textures for taxiways etc.
  • Detailed ground markings
  • Actual taxiway layout with new rapid runway exits and taxiway links
  • Hand placed autogen
  • Seamless integration of the ground to the Flight Simulator
  • Animated Apron Traffic

Note: To use the Safegates you need the free AutoGate PlugIn (Version 1.60). You can download it for free under following link:

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Conclusion by (Aerosoft Sim News):
"After writing long reports, I often reflect whether or not it makes sense to do a summary. The answer is yes and no. No because there's already tons of information to be taken in, but on the other hand there is so much it is possible you might have missed something. OK, let me try to keep things simple. I will begin with the obvious: 'is it worth purchasing such a large European airport?' That question is quickly answered, YES! It’s not cheap, but it is worth the money since it covers an important airport within the European hubs. If you prefer to fly long stretches to the United States of America, the US offers you many superb airports, but also within Europe there are some extremely high quality airports too, like Dublin, Amsterdam, Moscow Sheremetyevo, Tallinn or even Mykonos and the upcoming Manchester airport. Anyway, EGLL from Aerosoft is the same as Amsterdam Schiphol is for the Netherlands, a great starting point...

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System requirements:
X-Plane 10.30 / X-Plane 10 - Europe Edition / X-Plane Steam Version
Windows XP/Vista/Windows7/8, Mac, Linux
MultiCore Processor with 2.6 Ghz or faster
3D video card with at least 1 GB
Download-Size: 930 MB
Installations-Size: 2.5 GB

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