Airport Hamburg

Airport Hamburg
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L’aéroport se trouve à environ 8,5 km du centre ville. En service depuis 1911, l’aéroport
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L’aéroport se trouve à environ 8,5 km du centre ville. En service depuis 1911, l’aéroport a couvert une superficie de 44 hectares puis s’est développé pour en atteindre une de 570 hectares. Aujourd’hui 60 compagnies aériennes desservent Hambourg volants vers 115 destinations dans le monde. Bien sûr les compagnies aériennes principales y sont Lufthansa, Condor, Germanwings ainsi qu’Air France.

Hamburg Airport for X-Plane represents the state of 2015 with all buildings, layout of the runways, taxiways and lightings plus all navigational aids. High resolution aerial images complete the visuals. Hundreds of trees and vehicles have been placed in the surroundings creating a real atmosphere.


  • Realisation of the airport in the state of 2015 and its surroundings (the new  runway/taxiway layout of July 2016 is not included)
  • Photo realistic ground textures based on an aerial images (0.5m/pxl)
  • All airport buildings and institutions
  • Photo real textures on buildings and objects, vehicles etc.
  • Breathtaking night effects
  • Runway- and taxiway lighting
  • Optimized performance (frame rate)
  • Manual in German/English charts as a PDF file (to be found in the start menu after the installation)

Awards / Reviews:

Conclusion by Aerosoft Sim News (
"This scenery is excellent and comprehensive overall in buildings and equipment associated with Hamburg (Fuhlsbüttel) Airport. Pricing is also very good for this sort of scenery and certainly well worthwhile to purchase. You must question however why the airport offers underlays (ground textures), Aero-bridges as well as some main terminal building textures of a blurry quality. It is in that respects disappointing those certain parts of the scenery are so good and that some parts distract you by these blurry textures. Overall, there’s nothing to complain, but wouldn’t it be a good idea when this airport gets a boost and brings those blurry textures to a higher level? Let’s hope!"

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Configuration requise :
X-Plane 10 - not compatible with XPlane 11
Windows XP (SP3) / Vista / 7, Mac, Linux
2,6 GHz Dual Core Processeur
2 Go RAM
Carte graphique 512 Mo (1024 Mo conseillé)
Taille de téléchargement : 280 Mo
Taille d’installation : 200 Mo

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