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GF-Throttle Clamp
GoFlight - Throttle Clamp
The new GF-Throttle Clamp has a clamping range from a minimum of .375” to a maximum opening of 1.75” making it fit most desk top configurations. The top of the clamp comes with custom sized holes to fit your GF-TQ6 and GF-TQ6-ADV. Each...
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GF-TQ6 Throttle Tune Up Kit
GoFlight - TQ6 Throttle Tune Up Kit
Tune up your TQ6 with this kit of replacement pots. Perfect for the throttle quadrant that is no longer protected by the manufacturer’s warranty, however has many hours of life left. A simple replacement of the pot/lever arms will have...
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GF-Cable Kit
GoFlight - Cable Kit
To get the latest Config Software from Go Flight, please click here.
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GF-THR Throttle Handles with Reversers
GoFlight -THR Throttle Handles with Reversers
Throttle Handles Only. These reverser throttle handles can be installed onto your current TQ6 to replace the standard levers with the reverser levers found on the GF-TQ6. To get the latest Config Software from Go Flight, please click here.
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GF-TQ6-ADV Advanced Throttle Quadrant
GoFlight -TQ6-ADV Advanced Throttle Quadrant
With the new GF-TQ6-ADV, you are one step closer to having a complete Boeing 737 cockpit. The new release of the B737 NG style handles with reversers give you the realest experience of flying a fully loaded B737 jet. With A/T Disengage...
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GF-MESM Multi-Engine Start Modul
GoFlight - MESM Multi-Engine Start Modul
And for those sim pilots who prefer to simply "start up and go", simplified engine start functions, as well as many other cockpit functions, can be assigned to the GF-MESM controls. The GF-MESM's control complement includes: - Two...
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GF-RP48 Mouse Push Button Rotary
GoFlight - RP48 Mouse Push Button Rotary
One of the major issues to suspending reality within flight simulation is that the mouse is in the cockpit. There is no place to really put the mouse and it just gets in the way. Not anymore! GoFlight Technologies has come up with the...
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GF-DIO Digital Input/Output Board
GoFlight - DIO Digital Input/Output Board
The latest product to be released by GoFlight Technologies is the brand new DIO Digital Input/Output Board. The primary function for the newest addition is to allow custom cockpit builders the ability to add a large number of custom...
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GF-T8-2 Toggle Switch Module (grey)
GoFlight -T8-2 Toggle Switch Module (grey)
The NEW GF-T8-2 , 8 FLAT Headed Toggle Switch/Indicator Module has 8 programmable toggle switches and LED indicators. This module functions identical to the original version, but with a heavier, more tactile feel. You choose the...
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GF Module Bay Cover Kit (grey)
GoFlight - Module Bay Cover Kit (grey)
GF-AC rack not full yet? Use these module bay covers to give your system that finished look. To get the latest Config Software from Go Flight, please click here.
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GF Cable Organizer Kit (black)
GoFlight - Cable Organizer Kit (black)
The cable organizer kit includes the following: 6 feet of slotted, flexible plastic tubing 8 nylon zip ties 8 zip ties with label plates Installation instructions To get the latest Config Software from Go Flight, please click here.
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GF-ATC Headset Comms Panel (grey)
GoFlght - ATC Headset Comms Panel (grey)
Front panel connectors on the GF-ATC bring your computer's audio connections within easy reach, allowing for fast connection of your favorite headset and/or microphone. Interacting with air traffic controllers over the Internet, or with...
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